Season Recap:

It’s that time again, to look back to this past season. Things started out well with the turkey season this April and May we had success with our youth hunter Giovanni who harvested a once in a lifetime bird with white wingtips. The tail feathers had white patches in it also . This phenomenon is called ghosting. The bird is pictured in the website with Giovanni and his dad. Most hunters scored or had opportunity.

This fall we saw a high number of birds on all our properties. 2022 promises to be a great spring season. In fact I just witnessed 7 Tom’s fighting in the woods off my deck this morning.

This late summer and early fall we lost many deer due to EHD disease. We still took a few hunters and managed to put a deer or two in front of them. But we had a slow season at best. We did have some great bucks on camera, make it through! We are hoping for a quick recovery in the next few seasons. I have leased additional property in areas that were not affected by EHD one is in the northern zone and could present some interesting options with the muzzleloader.

God bless you all and hope to see you again. Stay healthy!