What's better for a first hunt?Deer or Duck?

The fall foliage in the Hudson valley is spectacular. Temperatures are usually moderate, corn and apples are ready for harvest, and the woods are alive with activity, as animals big and small prepare for the upcoming Northeast winter.

All the preparation has been completed. You are able to put all your hunting arrows in a 6’’ paper plate at 35 Yards. Trail cameras have confirmed the location of your tree stand is correct. The stand was placed east of the intersecting trails you are watching. Your setup is good with a south or northwest wind direction as these are the prevailing winds in our region. Using sent free camouflaged clothing and rubber boots, you approach your stand, being careful not to leave scent on anything and not walking where you anticipate the deer will be coming from. You have hunted this stand a few times early in the season and have had opportunities 


Every guided hunt is led by a proficient, professional, hunting guide.

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